Thank you to all of you who support us on this strange journey

  • The ultimate pickle flavor

    We believe we have created the PERFECT blends of spices, peppers and tasty goodness. Add the fact that we do NOT skimp on the amount of each ingredient means you won't find more flavor packed pickles or hot sauce any where.

  • Our hot sauce is pickles

    Are we the only pickle hot sauce on the market? It seems not. Are we the best?
    Hands. Down.
    Unlike the competition you'll never find pickle "flavoring" in our products. We pickle like the pickle gods intended.

  • Why support us?

    Besides knowing that you'll be absolutely hooked on the taste of Pickle monster, we hope you'll join us in the endeavors of People Food! Our 3 piece instrumental band that started this whole pickle project together. Join us in spreading tasty food, jams and bops, good vibes, and paying our rent!